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Marine Elevator (Lift) Services

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Crane Services

Marine Elevator (Lift) Services

Master groups is specialised in Marine Elevator (Lift) service worldwide like Singapore, Malaysia (Port Klang, Tanjung pelepas, Port Dickson, Bintulu and all ports),India(Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, visakhapatnam), Sri Lanka (Colombo, Hambantota and Tricomalee), Brunei, Middle East (UAE,Dubai, Fujairah, Jabel Ali, Qatar and all Ports),Indonesia,Vietnam,Korea(Busan,Ulsan,Dangjin,Pohang),China(Shanghai,Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou, Dalian, Xingang and all ports), Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kobe and all ports) USA (Panama and all ports), UK (all Ports), Netherland (Rotterdam and all Ports), Spain (Cartagena, Huelva and all Ports) Moracco all ports, Portugese all ports and South/ West Africa offshore.

We can carry out the Marine Elevator service for all Elevator brands (Ushio Reinetsu, Kone, Dan Elevator, Schindler Elevator, Schindler K.K., Shanghai Sanei, Nippon Elevators, Hans Lutz Elevators, Moriya Elevators, Otis, Thyssen, BKG, Desheng Mico, Mitsubishi).

Master groups is specialised in Marine Elevator repair, service, Certification, Wire rope replacement, Sheave replacement, Maintenence support and spare parts supply for all brands and all type of Marine Elevators with in 24 hours worlwide.
We are very happy to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide! Please feel free contact us for any Marine Elevator service. We are Elevator Speacialist.

Marine Elevator Certification.

The experience and expertise of Master service in the marine elevator industry. All class society needs frequent testing every yearly. Master groups assist your company to perform all needed annual inspections. Please contact us for Marine Elevator Inspection 24/7.

Maintenance and Support.

In the field of Maintenance and Support Master Groups is world wide recognized player that takes care of continiued, competitive operation for all types of Marine Elevators.We do valuable service proposition with logistical soloution, modification development and spare parts distribution. We are the only dedicated service organization to provide worldwide support for all types of Marine Elevators.

Marine Elevator Repair and Service.

Our Marine Elevator Repair department is well specialized in all brand of Marine Elevators. As an Independent Marine Elevator company, We overhaul all sorts of marine elevators with minimum budget. We therefore offer worldwide repair service. We work in continiuous shifts 7 days a week, always providing our customers the fastest marine elevator repair service available.
Ship owners, ship agencey and Ship Managements around the world rely on us for repair and overhaul of their marine elevators. For more details please call us or email us to

Marine Elevator Spare Parts.

Master Groups deliver almost every elevator spare parts for all types of marine elevator. In our speacial distribution network we can deliver all our spare parts with in the shortest period of time. If you do not have specific description from the needed spare, Please call us or email us to
Some examples from our marine elevator spare parts that we have in stock are;
  • Varies types of wire rope and Thimble.
  • Varies types of electical cables (Flat and Round type Travelling cable)
  • Varies types of guide shoes
  • Varies types of PCB cards (MCPU, M33, SIO, Encoder, WCVF PCB cards)
  • Mitsuibishi PLC (AOJ2HCPU, AOJ2-E56DR. AOJ2- PW, A1SJ51T64 and A2SHCPU.
  • Varies types of contactors and Timers.
  • All types of controller, I/O Cards, PLC, Door controllers, Door Interlock switch, Safety switch and Retiring cam for all brand elevators (Lift).
  • All Marine Elevators Brands
  • USHIO REINETSU Elevators
  • USHIO Korea Elevators
  • HANS LUTZ Elevators
  • Dan Elevator
  • Schindler Elevator.
  • Schindler K.K.
  • Shanghai Sanei
  • Nippon Elevators
  • MORIYA Elevators

Lifeboats and Rescue Boats

Master group is an approved, independent lifeboat and davit maintenance, repair, overhaul and testing company. Our class approved lifeboat repair facilities are recognized by all major classification societies. With our fully trained and certified service engineers, we have the capability to perform annual inspections, 5-yearly servicing programmes, overhaul, renewal and recertification for the complete lifeboat, as per IMO/MSC1206 Regulations.
  • Release gear system service
  • Hull / Structural Repairs
  • Osmosis repairs of frp bulls
  • Engine overhaul, servicing or renewal
  • Engine overhaul, servicing or renewal
  • Water spray systems- overhauling or servicing
  • Compressed air systems- servicing including hydrostatic testing and refilling of air bottles
  • Lifting Hook Repair / Maintenance

Davits and Winches

Master Groups has the full capability to carry out all Davit and Winch annual inspections, 5-yearly service programmes and maintenance as required by IMO/MSC 1206 Regulations.

On completion of an inspection or overhaul, a dynamic winch brake test is conducted - with or without load - to ensure operational readiness.

We are assured that this system fully complies with manufacturer's recommendations and operating parameters. An official checklist and certification is issued after supervised testing is completed.
Our service engineers are fully trained to carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs for mechanical, pneumatics and hydraulic davit winch systems.
  • Winch brake mechanism
  • Winch gear box oil change
  • Winch gear mechanism
  • Wire falls renewal
  • End-to-end of wire ropes
  • Servicing of sheaves, rollers and floating blocks

Tank Level Gauge Services

Master groups is specialised in Tank level gauge service worldwide. Every six months or yearly have to calibarate and service the full tank level gauge syatem.Our service engineers are fully trained to carry out the tank level gauge calibaration, service and repair work. We carry out the following calibaration and services: -
  • Ballast tank remote level gauge service
  • Draft remote gauge service
  • Heeling and trim remote gauge service
  • Fuel oil remote gauge service
  • Waste water level gauge service
Master groups carry out the following types of level gauge calibaration and services: -
  • Electric pneumatic type tank level & draft gauge system
  • Radar beam type cargo monitoring system.
  • Magnatic float type tank Monitoring System
  • Magnatic float type high & overfill alarm system
  • Air burge type tank level & draft gauge system
  • Electric pressure type level transmitter
  • Water ingress alarm system
  • Pressure monitoring system
  • Blige high level alarm system
  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Acoustic type high & overfill alarm system
  • Fixed gas detection system

Crane Services

Master groups is specialised in crane service worldwide. We have separate crane service team. We carry out the following crane service.

Provision crane
Hose handling crane
Engine room crane
Telescopic crane
Monorail crane
Liftart davit
Fender davit
Rescue boat davit